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Up to 10 Year Boiler Warranty with Low Monthly Finance Packages

Some of our certified boiler installation companies, offer a range of adaptable finance options modified to accommodate each specific homeowner. How you pay for your new gas boiler is up to you, having the capability to spread out the costs over 3, 5 or 10 years, starting from as low as 4.9% APR.

Brand New Gas Boiler Finance Plans.

Regardless of whether you are dreaming of replacing your old gas boiler or you are faced with a sudden boiler break down, our gas boiler finance packages make purchasing a brand new gas boiler easy.

Buy Now, Pay Later Deal

Ashford house owners can make a delayed payment with our Buy Now, Pay Later scheme.

Upon making a small down payment, a brand new gas boiler will be fitted in your property, (frequently inside 24-Hours!), and the remaining balance paid at a later date.

3 Year Finance Deal

Our 3 year gas boiler finance plan makes it possible for you complete the repayments for your new gas boiler over three years with incredibly low rates of interest.

5 Year Finance Deal

Selecting our 5-year finance plan will enable you to spread out the monthly payments of your new gas boiler over five years, giving you even more manageable monthly repayments.

Ten Year Finance Deal

If you are looking for a more long-term gas boiler finance plan then our 10-year finance plan enables you to pay for your new gas boiler with incredibly low monthly repayments.

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Buy A  Gas Boiler For Less Than ₤20 A Month.

If you are a UK house owner and need a new gas boiler you could get approved for a boiler installation finance plan from some of our certified boiler installation companies, enabling you to spread the cost over a period of time that suits you. Recurring repayments can be as cheap as ₤20 – ₤30 with some of our installers providing package deals that can include installation in addition to on-going repairs and maintenance.

The recurring repayments are regularly offset due to the reduction of your homesenergy bill. As an example, removing and replacing a ‘G’ rated gas boiler with a’A’ rated gas boiler could save you upto ₤305 per year* in energy costs. That is possibly ₤20 – ₤30 saved each month that really should more than take care of the cost of your finance plan.

If a finance plan seems the most suitable option for you, then send off our enquiry application to apply for up to 3 free quotes from our registered and reputable gas boiler installers that are in your area. They will then be in touch to assist you thru your alternatives including any interest rates, which can be as low as 0% APR or deposit needed.

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